02 Aug 2016

We receive certificate which accredit us as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

During the First Annual Conference of Authorized Economic Operator-RD, "Customs-Business Strategic Alliance: Security, Trust and Competitiveness" Economic Operator, which last August 2, 2016 was held at the Hotel J.W. Marriott Santo Domingo, were handed certificates to 9 companies, including IKEA, Gerdau Metaldom, Transporte Plaza Estevez, and Allegro Cargo, SRL, among others.

This important conference had the participation as keynote speakers, Mr. Fernando Fernandez, General Director of Customs of the Dominican Republic; Ms. Elizabeth Schmelzinger, General Director of CTPAT Program, US Customs (CBP); Ms. Catherine Gibson, Inter-American Committee against Terrorism, Organization of American States (OAS); Mr. Jovanny Feliz, AEO-RD Program Manager; Mr. Cristobal Hernandez, CTPAT Program Supervisor; and Ms. Leticia Contreras, Administrator of Certification and International Agreements, SAT-Mexico.

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The General Director of Customs, Fernando Fernandez, to participate in this conference express:
"In the case of customs, trust means quick clearance of goods and lower costs. It means global recognition and better business opportunities. This figure is AEO", explained Fernandez.
He called the national export sector, the free zone sector to be certified.
"To date, we have 74 certified companies and other 102 are in the process. But we must move forward", he said.
He said the express service, personalized service, and delivery of goods in time of 24 hours, seven days a week, with consequent savings in time and cost savings, are steps in significant advances in the Dominican customs they are reserved for those reliable entities that are certified free of charge under the figure of AEO.
"No excuses not to capitalize on these benefits translate into better chance to compete in the global market", said the director of the DGA, Fernando Fernandez, who said that the future of AEO in the country and the world is promising.
For Allegro Cargo, SRL., this is a step towards excellence we have always provide our customers, suppliers and strategic partners locally and internationally.

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